Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I have suffered from chronic hives for over a year.  A powerful prescription antihistamine taken every night keeps them in check, but I have been very frustrated, wondering what was making my body crazy.

AND DUST MITES.  (like really seriously allergic, my arm wealed up in linear welts at the dust mite test).
AND......slightly......to peanuts and shellfish.

I have been lying about being allergic to shellfish ever since I was a kid, because I hate the taste of it.  But now it has been confirmed.

I was in an impotent itching furiousness, waiting for little dots of oil pricked into my skin to show some action.  Then four did, and the itching started.  Then six more picked up.  Then the dust mites exploded in welts and weals all over my arm.  

They had told me to stop taking my RX at least three days before my appointment, so I was primed for a fit anyway.  The tests got my arms itching, which made my right shin itch, which made my right armpit, side of the next, inner ear and left palm itch, and from there, my whole body inflamed.  

That is what a fit of chronic hives feels like.  And if you scratch any of these above itches, they all of a sudden feel like bees stinging you, they itch so furiously.


I have a new prescription and some tips to keep the allergens at bay in my house.
Lucy not supposed to sleep with me at night, but she makes me so happy when she does that, I don't have the heart to stop her.

We'll have to get used to taking these pills.


Anonymous said...

Good lord woman, you're allergic to allergies. CLP

Alex said...

that sucks!

i went and did an allergy test a couple of months ago because i was so sick of having allergies. but nothing swelled up. turns up i only have all of the symptoms of bad allergies, but am not allergic to anything. wtf? that didn't make me feel better especially when i had to shell out $400 to be told this!

any news from santa fe? y'all are more than welcome to visit anytime. fingers crossed we will be moving into an awesome new house at the beginning of may.

btw thanks for the cd! it is fun listening to it.