Saturday, May 10, 2008



Now is NOT the time to start marking the bedspread and bedskirt.
And somewhere in the living room, although we do not know exactly where.

For fuck's sake, we ARE TRYING TO SELL THE HOUSE!  
Urine in the proper place is appreciated during this important time.

I swear to God, when I find out who is doing this, I am going to take you into the backyard and pee all over you.  



Anonymous said...

OMG! That baby ticker is so awesome! Pee on the cats, absolutely!

Alex said...

that widget is totally scary. real baby salome is much cuter.

Simon said...

This is the one cruelty the Bush administration has overlooked in Gitmo. Cat pee is the universal WMD and can be used as a means of otrture that make water-boarding seem like a sunday swim.

Now I did not do this, but I heard s story recently of a hiousehold that had such a problem with their cat. Finally fed up they did exactly what you suggested. They caged the cat in the backyard and took turn annointing it as need be.

My own aversion to cats has recently been repealed by the arrival of Finian, Moon's cat who we refer to as "little brother" and who I would say has the spirit of Martin Luther upon him (except that Luther use to fling dung at the devil whenever he sensed his presence).

Congrats on the baby!