Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pickles, oh my sweet hots.

CLP sent me spicy pickles from the homeland.
Thank you, Potterchick. I immediately opened one and ate three of them.

I'm having a frozen pizza tonight (EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE HEALTHIER THINGS TO EAT IN THE KITCHEN, OH RESOLUTIONS, I HAVE NO RESOLVE) and already I'm thinking about dunking pizza slices in the juice.

I love these pickles like no other pickles on earth.

Tony Packo's Sweet Hot Pickles & Peppers. Sooooooo soo good.

Best way to eat them:

slice of cheddar cheese
smear of raspberry/honey stone ground mustard (served with them once, I've been looking for this kind of mustard ever since)

Eat like a tea sandwich.


If you've never had them, you MUST MUST get them. They are the best.


skroll said...

Ya know, I had a chance to try them in Seattle and didn't and now I'm kicking myself....

CLP said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! I received two jars as a gift myself.