Friday, July 25, 2008


Writing to you from Sacramento, where our world has fallen apart.
A week ago, more than that, Tuesday the 15th of July, three days before closing, my agent called me to tell me that the buyer was backing out. WHAT? I said.

The buyer officially backed out the next day. We were leaving on Saturday with the house unsold, vacant, and now we are two states away.

I can't even get into this. I can't think about it too long without bursting into tears. How do we rent a place down here when we still carry the mortgage payment on our house in Seattle? How will we ever find another buyer when all the news is full of banks closing, stocks dropping, economy sucking???

I am not even on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I'm in the middle of one as we speak. I'm deep in the throes of my private little nervous breakdown. With that one phone call, everything we hoped for busted right out from under us.


Julie said...

Salome, that BLOWS!! I'm so sorry. I"m glad it wasn't anything about the baby. I was so worried after reading The Pope's post and as I started reading your post.

I know you must be so stressed. I'm so sorry. I know how excited you were that someone wanted to buy the house. Keep you head up, girl.


Alex said...

omg, this is horrible. i'm so sad to hear this.

fingers crossed you get a new buyer interested SOON!

love you,