Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It Keeps Killing Us

Yesterday we were told that our house had closed, sold, done finito.
They had missed the court's hours in order to record, so that was the final step to happen this morning.  We were advised there was a "one in a million" chance of anything happening to stop it at this point, and in a combined 30 years of real estate experience, our agents and his officemates had never seen anything happen.

Well, we should have bought a lottery ticket, so says my wise husband the Pope.

The buyer is apparently estranged from his wife, who was asked to sign a quitclaim deed releasing her from any claims on the property and an acknowledgment that she is not obligated with regards to the loan, and she signed and notarized both documents.  

For whatever reason, she had second thoughts last night and called escrow this morning to recant her signing of these documents, which she apparently has the right to do.  For whatever fucking reason.

We don't know what she is thinking, or what her problem is, but she is apparently "busy."  And no one can get a hold of her to explain that she is not responsible.

I'm having a nervous breakdown.


Alex said...

omg this never seems to end. sending you happy thoughts that this mess gets resolved soon.

skroll said...

what a dumbass bitch...other than that, i am speechless!

Anonymous said...

Hope things work out for you soon for your own sanity!

Ann Codlin