Friday, October 03, 2008

"Nasal Snow-belt Honk"

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We watched the debates last night and while I was surprised (and a little dismayed) at how well Sarah Palin acquitted herself, I do think the clear winner of the debate was Joe Biden.  Now, I'm a Biden supporter, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but there isn't much substance in Mrs. Palin, and it was all too clear that when in doubt, she spewed her talking points, and not much else.  

I still find her tendency to be sarcastic and snippy alarming.  Out of all of the people in this presidential race, she has the biggest glass house.  I would really be careful slamming people who can think you into a corner, Palin.

I would also like to comment on this notion that she speaks for Joe-Six Pack and the "average American."  I like Joe six-pack, usually, unless he's a bigoted redneck, and I would count myself near the Average American, if not solidly in their midst.  But here's my biggest problem.  While I like and am a part of Average Americans, I do not want them speaking for me on a global platform.  I would rather seasoned, intelligent Harvard grads do that for me.  I would rather someone with extensive foreign policy experience meet with the leaders of these hostile countries.  Someone who understands the nuances a bit better than me or my friends do.

So Sarah, while you may think you speak for me, the truth is I want you nowhere in a position to voice my concerns, because frankly, I don't think you or John McCain share them.  I think you and your ticket is slapping a fresh coat of paint on a dead horse, and you'll see yourselves and your cronies get rich while you continue to make a deadly play for a military stronghold in an oil-rich region.  I think you'll destroy the coastlines of your beloved states and you'll be feted on the yachts of big oil and you won't actually do anything you're promising.  And I think it is absolutely absurd that you expect middle America to vote for your "everyday Amercian" schtick, when the leader of your ticket is married to an heiress and hasn't had a job outside of the government, EVER.

And I hope the rest of the world was as unimpressed as I was, with your singular shallowness and your inability to extemporize when the opportunity arose.  Whether that is your shortfall or the tight reins you're under, either way, you're not fit for the position and you're not to fit to represent the people you're aiming to.


Julie said...

Very well put.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love how you take what happened and put in your own words and your owen thoughts. It always goes right along with what I think and feel....u just say it better.
Love and miss you.