Thursday, April 05, 2007


Well, we did it.
Because I am actually only 5 years old.
We bought the computer tonight! TONIGHT!

Didn't have as great of a time at the Mac store tonight as we did last night - but I will update you all on that later, I have a couple of letters to the world that I've been working on. I'll compose and post in a bit.

We then decided to go to Johnny Rockets at Tukwila Southcenter to grab a quick bite.
I did try to stay on my diet, but they were out of what I was going to try to eat healthily and so I ordered a chili dog.

Because, if thwarted, I'm THWARTED. ;)

Anyway, here is me after I spent 25 minutes looking for how to operate the camera that comes included in the iMAC.

I'm only posting this one photo because in every single other photo my nose is the size of Cleveland.

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