Friday, September 28, 2007


June 16, 1999

big becomes small
by a trifling sweet,
little no longer IS
when you quench your thirst.

I never meant to take your power
you should not give that
to me.

I don't know how to nurture you.
You've grown so long now
in such foreign soil.

There are different bugs here.
Some without conceivable remedy.

I rolled a newspaper up,
and didn't know whether to whack you in the nose
with it,
or leave it in the garden.

I can't be your Savior.
Not for all things
Not at all times.

I have myself to save
as well.

Love is the white rabbit....
Running far late
to come to get me.

I hold you now at arms length.
Examining, cautious-like.

For this is Wonderland.
And things need not be as they seem.

They may just seem.
They might just BE.

You see what you need.
But you get what you've got.

1 comment:

devi said...

A little like Alice in wonderland. MMMMM what have you been smoking ?