Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Team Day

Tomorrow is my Team Day.
I'm going Salmon FISHING on a boat.
I have to be at the pier (40 min away) at 5:30am.

Nothing could make me a team player more than getting up at 4:15am.
Let's hope it rocks a bit, I hear we have some squeamish people.

Salmon Fishing.

On a boat - roughly handled and probably minimally cleaned.

Early + Salome = NOT A TEAM-SPIRIT.
Early + Salome = usually a pretty raging, angry, chainsmoking and fire-eyelid Salome.

Especially because Salome likes to drink margaritas and smoke cigarettes until the wee hours, then top that off with sparkling water and an hour of book.

Salome is in trouble, ladies and gentlemen.

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