Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Rules

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1. I am addicted to sparkling water. I drink almost 2 liters of it daily.
2. I can't drive in snow. Or even ride in the car in snow. I freak out, frightened.
3. I sucked my thumb until I was 15.
4. My grandmother died in my arms when I was 24.
5. My dad told me once I have the highest IQ in our family.
6. I used to perform spoken word around Santa Cruz, CA and had a couple people record me.
7. I am allergic to dried apricots. They cause an asthma attack. But not fresh, canned or jellied apricots. Those are fine.

I'm tagging three blogs and then requesting that these people comment with their randoms:

Platypus King
Clan Buchanan



Anonymous said...

No wonder you have to pee every ten seconds Duh. You teeth are so pretty. Braces do work. What do you suck on now;-) I love your voice. You should be the voice of books to CD.


Anonymous said...

1. I made Senior Director at my company with no college degree. Now you have to have a college degree to be an assistant.

2. I chipped my permanent front tooth on a classmates head in second grade and didn't get it fixed until I was 18.

3. I had my beautiful daughter at the age of 39. When she graduates high school, I'll be 57, ugh.

4. I used to be an awesome billiards player.

5. I grew up in Detroit across the street from my great grandmother's where my mom grew up. Our neighbors were folks who also moved back to the street they grew up on to raise their kids.

6. I can't lose the baby weight to save my life.

7. I moved to LA in 1984 with a friend from high school with no jobs and no place to live when we got here.

Julie Kling said...

I've been out of town for 2 weeks and didn't know your URL! Now I'm back and I see that I have an assignment. How fun!

1. I wear my socks & knee-high nylons inside-out because I hate the way the seam feels.

2. I hate sandwiches!

3. I won't eat mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, or raw broccoli. They're disgusting!

4. Minty gum makes me nauseous so I only chew cinnamon or fruity kinds.

5. I grew up eating my (cooked) broccoli with mayo.

6. Both my knee-caps and my left shoulder dislocate. I hate it. Dislocation is my biggest fear. Recently my shoulder popped out in the middle of the night just because I rolled over in bed. :(

7. I laugh at myself and to myself all the time!