Monday, December 03, 2007

When the World Is Wet It Smells Like Worms

Did you miss me?
So funny that the month of November tinked by like tiny grains of sand against glass, and then here I am three days into December like I blinked my left eye!

To Recap:

December 1.
The Pope is home from his business trip and Yay!
It snows in Seattle, lovely big flakes that charm and enchant us.
We go to breakfast, braving the snowy roads. We see many accidents but are safe, because the Pope is carefully and thoughtfully driving.

**Note. The reason I hate the Pope's driving is because he is careful and thoughtful. And that does not fit well with my driving skills, honed from my "Bat Out of Hell" manual.**


Jonathan said...

Why is it that you can go to Finland (as I have in the past), and a few feet of snow has no effect on them at all.

You then have 1 inch of snow at home, and trains stop, cars crash, electricity goes out... basically stoneage conditions ensue.

Jonathan said...

I am tagging you for the "7 Random Things" meme...