Friday, December 07, 2007

Update on the Awesome Spontaneous, Exactly the Right Thing To Do Purchase

He's taking it back.
Our close friend owns a computer shop north of us and has promised to build the Pope a supercomputer for the same price.

We trust him implicitly, he has never steered us wrong, so we're taking the Pope's new machine with Vista back in favor of a custom-built PC with XP.

Anyone (and I mean Jonathon here) have any experience or advice about Vista?

I have to bake 90 cookies tonight.

I will need more wine.


Anonymous said...

what kinda cookies? I need to back Christmas cookies with mini me, but haven't done so since I was small and doing with my stepmom...skroll

Jonathan said...

Vista. Spawn of Satan. Fast carriage toward the underworld. I believe Vista is aramaeic for "The End of All Things"... (or was that argmageddon) ?

Vista is fine if you like style over substance. Compared to Leopard on the Mac, it's shit, but compared to XP it's pretty.

The main reason to go with Vista is the Windows vertical market - which will slowly move forward without you if you stay with XP. The Microsoft Supertanker does not wait forever.

Of course, Microsoft is busy selling Windows XP and Office to poor African nations for 3 dollars a copy at the moment. Sounds just like Nestle getting african mothers dependant on their milk before hiking the prices, doesn't it.

And low - darkness was upon the face of the planet, and Bill saw it and said "let there be light", and it was blue, and said "General Protection Fault".