Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesterday we got internet and cable. Today we get our washer and dryer.
I am slowly climbing back into humanity, it feels.

My mom arrived yesterday and the sight of her lifted my heart like you wouldn't believe.
It is impossible to be unhappy with my mother around you.

She is just joy encapsulated.

So she is here, and Sears for some damn reason called me at 7:26am to confirm the delivery of our washer and dryer, so I am up drinking a cup of coffee and watching Women's Gymnastics recaps on Comcast's On Demand feature.

I love television.

I love internet and I love my Mac.

And I'm retired, so I'll try to blog every day. And hey, I'll start trying to make them interesting again! Woo.


Alex said...

yeah! have fun with your mum and say hi to her!

skroll said...

Relief at last! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
The universe seems 2 b putting u through some kinda trial.
Know if I was your lawyer , u would b dismissed of any charges due 2 being the most wonderful talented and fun person I have the pleasure of knowing.
Can't believe there will soon be another little Ticey' running around. I'll b counting down the days with u, So So Very excited for u both. Hi to Mum too
Lou :)