Monday, September 01, 2008

Stop Now, Media, You Need to Stop Now!!

After the initial shock that was Gov. Sarah Palin's appointment as the VP candidate for John McCain, the media is out in full force, speculating that she pretended to give birth to her 5th child, Trig, in order to assume the child of her teenage daughter. Now the news that her daughter Bristol is indeed pregnant at the age of 17 is being vultured by the assorted media, along with the reports of her husband's DWI. I am appalled by today's media. It has long past reached a crescendo of absurdity. No one has a private life anymore, no one is judged on the basis of their political activities only. I'm sick of it!

If Sarah Palin pretended to give birth to her first grandchild, so be it. They made that decision as a family, and we should respect it. If true, it isn't the first time this has happened in the world, and save this young girl and her mother the nitpicking into it. Judge Sarah Palin on her statements, on her political record, and on her merits alone.

I couldn't watch the Democratic National Convention. The media commentary was unbearable. Same with the Olympics, the announcers would NOT shut up during the events, so that the television audience could barely concentrate on watching these athletes perform. What has happened to media everywhere is an abomination. We are left no room to speculate on our own, we need quasi-qualified announcers to shove their every inane thought down our throats until there is no room left in our heads for our own opinions and thoughts.

I could go on and on, and I might just do that, but my blood boils now.


Andrew said...

I finished reading The Devil's Teeth this weekend. It was really good--I stayed up until 2am one night reading.

I cannot believe all of that is taking place so close to SF and that I was so oblivious to it. Also, who knew sharks were older than trees?

Andrew said...

Also, I agree about the Palin stuff. The news stations are asking the wrong questions. No one wants to talk about the fact neither candidate is pushing for more comprehensive sexual and reproductive health programs (from which her daughter could obviously have benefited). When the shock settles, she is going to look like the resilient mother who can wither any disaster and keep her family together--not a woman who's inability to accept the facts of modern life has derailed her teenage daughters education and life.

*end rant*

Alex said...

the scary thing about all of this palin baby mess is that the evangelical right is making her a martyr for standing by her pro-life roots. obviously her stance on teaching abstinence doesn't work when her daughter gets pregnant, so why will it work for the general american public? the us has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the industrial world with almost 1/3 of all teenage girls getting pregnant before the age of 20. unfortunately, most of those who do get pregnant don't have a mother who is the governor of alaska and has the financial means to help support them and their babies.

Salome said...

Teaching abstinence totally doesn't work, and her daughter is just an example of it, I agree. I find it laughable that ANYONE runs on that platform, it is just such bullshit!