Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Sarah Palin's a real bitch.

And the Republicans apparently don't care about uplifting the country, they only care about attacking people.
And if I hear one more thing about McCain's POW experiences, I'm gonna barf.


Alex said...

omg, i just read the cnn recap of her speech and other speeches tonight. sounds horrible. totally horrible. and like she shouldn't be throwing rocks whilst living in a glass house.

while not an obamaphile, i really really hope the republicans don't win this election. how can you say that victory in iraq is close? and even worse how can americans believe that as true?

skroll said...

OMG! I totally agree with you and alex! My husband LOVES her. UGH! We had arguments yesterday over the whole thing, not just Palin but the whole debate re Dem. vs. Rep. Sound fun? NOT!