Monday, November 10, 2008

Attempting Normalcy

In a nod to my husband, who looks super-darling sitting on the couch worrying through a football game, I am eating trail mix the RIGHT way.

I am not:

1.  Eating all the M&Ms out.
2.  Then eating all the raisins, delighting when I find a brown M&M I missed.
3.  Scrounging for and finding the cashews.
4.  Eating all the almonds.
5.   Walking over to the garbage and throwing out the remaining peanuts, because they are cheap filler nuts and bleccch.

That is all, it has not been a very interesting day and I am suddenly extremely uncomfortable.  My belly is huge and it gets in the way of everything I do.  I can barely breathe and if I eat something larger than a plum, I feel as if I've gorged in Roman times but been denied the vomitorium.

1 comment:

skroll said...

Trail mix with M&M's...huh.