Saturday, November 01, 2008

From the Universe......

A smackdown of such proportions, I cannot contemplate.
I know that everything will get better, but the fear right now is almost crippling.

I also know that we are not the only ones in this troubled time that are undergoing this type of uncertainty over our future, but I am having trouble figuring out what the lesson here could possibly be.


Obi-Mac BakDon said...
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Obi-Mac BakDon said...

Dearest Salome and bride to my beloved Brother John-Paul,

Not everything is a lesson...though they may come later in many forms (experience, compassion etc..).

I'll tell you a funny story. It was when, in 2002. I was living in an unheated shack, suddenly divorced and the hot water did not work in the shack either. It was November (let's just say after showering I was VERY awake).

I was angry at God. I called it the "Urriah" syndrome, because it seemed as if I had been ordered up front only to have all help removed at a vulnerable moment. To be sure, not as vulnerable in a way the way you must feel with 40 or so days to go...but let's just say I felt fear and a bit hopeless given the reality around me (and I year earlier I had owned two houses and a sports car).

I complained (rightly in the spirit of David) that it was unfair and what could I possibly learn from this???!!!

My friend, the Wademan sat with me on the porch of the MacShack and we talked. I admit...whining was involved on my part.

Then he asked, not unkindly "So do you think the whole crash happened just because of you and for the purpose of wanting you to learn something?"

I about spewed my coffee out my nose.

Sometimes life is just what it is, and God has given humanity way more freedom than I think wise.

My prayers are for you and John-Paul...but mostly for you dear one. May God's irrational peace be alongside you, within you and surround you.

P.S> I no longer live in a shack. I live in a near castle on the hillside in Marin. To be sure I appreciate my showers here just a bit more than the average Joe.

Julie said...

Damn, that sucks. I'm praying things start to look up really soon for you guys!!

Thanks for cheering on Charlotte! She seems to be doing very well.

I think I did alright on the exam. I'm hoping the score will be posted in a couple weeks rather than a month or two since it was all multiple choice. I will certainly make an announcement on my blog when I get the results.

Take care!!