Friday, March 30, 2007

Been Awhile, I Know!

Lots of things to talk about - LOTS!

1. We had our floors done - ripped up about 98% of the flooring in the house and replaced with a combo of hardwood (engineered, we're not Rockefellers) and really good carpet. It looks like a whole new house! A WHOLE NEW HOUSE!

2. Had a psychic blow my mind, and then found out that Lakshmi is one, too. BLOWS MY MIND!

3. Worked. My. Ass. Off. Moving furniture and sundry items for carpeting. Alone. Just me and a trillion cigarettes, thankgodIstartedsmokingagain,that'sallIhavetosay.

4. Decided I have waaaay too many sundry items. Funny how you can't bear to part with things, until you move them out and back into rooms and decide what a load of crap you've been carrying around this long.

I'll post more later - we were without internet for awhile at home and it feels wrong to blog from work. I will also give pictures of the new floors! Once the house is back together more.

I'm on a diet, and I'm doing okay on it. Right now I"m drinking a pear vodka and diet tonic, as a nod to the diet. Because I'm not going to stop drinking fergodsake. That would be crazy.

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