Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't Get Me Started

Buoyant, joyous, knocking 'em out and dragging 'em home today.
Might have been that wee double latte I had while doing some training early this morning.  God, I love Lattes.  Life just wasn't full without them.

I was FLYING after that.  Chewed 1/2 a pack of gum and learned how to snap it, all by myself.  Then I annoyed myself with it, and stopped.  

As much as I love talking to your person, and hearing her tell me what an EXCELLENT chance I have, I get increasingly worried when the phone log shows just the usual players.  No weird numbers.  And we all know what happens when I get worried, don't we?

But I promise not to get pissed.  Because I'm jovial and flexible and totally a good sport and all that other bullshit that I will tell you about myself until you get me in there and I show you the charming, funny, total hard-ass that I am.

I drove by a statuary today.  I love statues, my yard would be indecent with them if I wasn't so decently inclined.  I might be Greek in a past life.  This particular stone work was a flat facade of the head of a lion, roaring with wide open mouth and luxurious swirls of mane.  I drove past the statuary and then proceeded to plan a garden around just that very piece of stone.  Something orange, red and yellow.  Different blooming times and different textures.  Something to make it look like the lion was always breathing fire.  

Wow, I just made a cosmo but with gin because we're out of vodka and this is delightful.  And I am HAMMERED.

Who is reading this anyway?  Tell me who you are.  Do you know me or do you just like reading this?  De-lurk, please.


Platypus King said...

Well, there's me. I would say I'm "Your number one fan". Then I would tie you to the bed and hobble your feet with a sledgehammer so you wouldn't be able to get away. But pretty much the same thing was accomplsihed the day we got married.

- Pope

Anonymous said...

I read it, I look forward to every new post. I get sad when I log in and there's no new post. Keep writing!