Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sprang Sprung

Shockingly, startlingly, the weather in Seattle is awful right now.
Weathermen are cheerfully predicting some light snow this week.  I want to take their good cheer and drive it like a stake through their undead hearts.

Rain, rain and more rain.  And after that?  Light showers.  Or downpours.  Or both, in the space of the same frigid hour.  

I did some ass-busting on Monday and decoratively barked the back yard.  It took four huge bags of bark (which were back-busting, I'll have you know) to do so.

I'll take a picture once it clears up.  
Best this yard has ever looked.
Excuse me a second, I just busted up laughing reading my own last sentence.  If I wait until the weather clears, I'll be a hundred and eighty seven before I get those shots.  I'm a little downgraded, as I'm sure you can tell, about the weather.  It wears on you.  And then it wears through you, and then it just keeps on going until it chews your heart into sludge and saps the energy right the smack right out of you.

I got new contacts and suddenly I'm all over the details of the leaves on the trees.  I'm freaking with joy over the finely edged blades of grass that are vibrantly green and showy on the side of these gray, soaked streets.    I'm also realizing that I have an alarming tendency to get so close to my work monitor that if I announced we were secretly dating, no one would be surprised.

I had lunch with an old friend from a visiting office today.  This woman is WONDERFUL.  Spending time with her is like spending time with someone who crawled out of my soul and still will talk to me.  She makes me laugh like I don't remember when.  She just comes out with these sayings, and she's boisterous, and she's funny, and she's like a good mood just metamorphosed into a human being and then gave me a hug.  I can't even relate them to you, because they wouldn't seem funny, but they were so perfectly said, right at the perfect time, and they were hysterical. I don't have a nickname for her because none of the words I have in my repertoire do her justice.  She defies description.  I honestly feel like I'm in the presence of a movie star when I hang out with her, she is just THAT charismatic and vibrant.  I'm so lucky that we clicked.  Because I didn't even know I was missing her until I met her.  

April posting month is themed LETTERS.  Oh, I think I might just be able to come up with one or two.  I haven't written a letter in a long time and I think the world may just be sliding off its axis about that.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget to tell me...skroll

Julie said...

Hey Salome,

Work has been keeping me away from LIFE, so I haven't been able to write you back about the comment you left on my jewelry post. If I can figure out how to do a tutorial, I'll do it. I'll let you know.