Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't You Ever

Today one of the banes of my existence tried to sympathize with me about the last 8 career-flaming months I've just had.

The concern on her face so pronounced that my stomach flipped.
How are you?  she wanted to know.
I said I'm fine, how are you?
I'm great, she said, but I just feel so sorrrrrrrrry for you.

Listen.  I don't need your sympathy.
Don't you ever fucking feel sorry for me.  Don't you fucking dare.

You are about as deep as a puddle on the street and I'm a fucking ocean over here.
I've got life forms no one's ever seen before and I will fucking DROWN you.

At the end of the day, little miss, I'm absolutely fucking amazing, and you are who you are.  SO. DON'T. YOU. EVER. FEEL. SORRY. FOR. ME.

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Anonymous said...

Damn straight! skroll