Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All of A Sudden.....

  • No Blog Title Area is Visible. WTF?
  • Refrigerator is warm, though it appears to be blowing cold air. Good thing I bought the yogurt that was on sale tonight. Love it.

Dear Woman in the Restroom Who Blew Ass All Over The Toilet Seat:

Honey, you need to see a doctor. Or, at the very least, do not order that for lunch again.
In the meantime, you are a foul pig for not even attempting to clean that up.

Thank you for ruining my afternoon,



Jonathan said...

If you want help with the blog template let me know - it's kind of what I do, so I find it easier than most.

As for the hell-arsed woman, you should have said "oh my god" loud enough for her to hear.

Salome said...

Figured it out, Jonathon, thanks, though! I did some searching and had turned them off, in my complete and utter ignorance of anything HTML-wise.