Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I'm not here....

I'm actually in Edinburgh, waiting for my mother to arrive so we can sightsee what will by my new home in a few months' time.

I have been working, so no posts, but now I will be enjoying time with my mom, so again, no posts, but I will leave you with these airport musings:


The main thing you notice is that cellphones are a pandemic.
Not content to have their silly conversations at home, all manner of idiots are discussing the intricacies of their lives as if the matter was the most urgent at hand.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been on a landed flight only to have 5 people whip out cellphones so that they can call their friends and begin the most inane chatter.

Typically to say, I’m here. But then they keep talking and you realize that they are not calling their ride, or someone who is expecting them here, where they’ve just landed, but rather someone they have presumably just left, after all kinds of mindless chatter in person.

It is maddening. Somewhat more tolerable, but only just, are the people whose business is so important that they cannot be away from their cellphones, and then they persist in talking extremely loudly, a trait I’ve always found to be suspicious, as if they were trying to PROVE importance, rather than just embody it.

I’m listening to a woman talking about how long it should take her to get through baggage claim. A valid conversation, to be sure, but not one that needs to take 40 minutes of straight hypothesizing. Am I right?

-continental first class lounge – Newark, NJ


Jonathan said...

The most inane conversations in the world happen in the same train carriage as me most mornings between a girl who's voice carries for hundreds of yards, and her long suffering friend.

They talk about relationships, shoes and handbags. Every day. Every week. Every month.

Anonymous said...

Shelly said...

I miss you. Have fun with mom and give her a hug for me.