Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hooray for Me

I have successfully removed all the hair from my left upper arm.

In other news, the Pope had the flu for 45 seconds and then gave it to me.
I expect to be out for a month.

I didn't wash my hair this morning and by about 3pm I could have fried doughnuts in it.

Inexplicable facial breakout refuses to be subdued.
Correspondingly thick makeup continues.

All three cats were complete jerks this morning.
They typically can't stand each other long enough to team up - but something was bugging them this morning.
Probably something dead that will stink soon.

Yoo Hoo.


skroll said...

Why can't you switch places? Does it have to be your arm? Why not hip or upper back (shoulder)? Just curious....

Salome said...

I suppose so, but then I would just tear out all the hair on my body and that doesn't sound fun.

I tried on the inside of my upper arm, but the flesh wrinkles there and it kept getting caught on my sleeve.

I'm afraid I'll toast my ovaries if I put it down there. And anywhere else I just can't see it being real easy to put on or take off. Hmmm.

To be honest I hadn't even thought of it.