Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Tonight on a brief, rant-filled conversation with my parents I said something about how my cats have had to defend their territory against invading neighbor cats.

(It's true, there are a couple new cats in the 'hood, and our door flap broke, so we're OPEN all the time over here at Chez Pope N' Sal. The cats have the nerve to actually come in the door and walk all nonchalant into the house. Sends Lucy into a caterwauling fit, she makes sounds that could probably bend metal. Finny goes apeshit and careens off everything in his path on his way to the door - he does this, you see, because he's running while turned sideways and that is really hard to do)

So I mention this to my parents and my dad says,

"Do they know that Finny is the size of a goddamned dog??"

And the answer to that is:

They do now.

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