Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Okay Day

I had an ok day.

  • Worked out HARD and erased all aggression from my spirit. (Which is good, considering I honked viciously at an absolute moron right before going to gym. Unfortunately, they were going almost my entire way there, so by the the time I turned into the gym's driveway, I'd totally freaked them out like I was going to follow them and beat the snot out of them for that totally bullshit turn on red they took. Which, come to think of it, I was pretty heavily debating. They pulled into an alley and waited for me to pass. HAW. Dorks.)
  • Put my Italian Lessons on my iPOD. Because sitting on the desk untouched? Not really working.
  • Watered all plants. (sorry plants I'll be better, thanks for not dying)
  • Ate pretty well today.
  • Was generally congenial and productive at work.

The Pope loved his first day of work, and promptly came down with the flu tonight. Chills and frogs in throats to beat the band. This poor guy. He marries me and all he gets is my luck.

I had a very withdrawn weekend. We attended a birthday party, and after I took an hour to get home (seriously, what the fuck Seattle? Is it POSSIBLE to not have traffic. Once?) I crawled into bed and stayed there for about 28 hours straight.

I'd go on, but I'm developing a bad case of ennui.

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skroll said...

Thanks for calling last night, still not feeling so great, can't wait to talk though. I love reading your blog. The letters have me cracking up! I love them!