Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tah Dah!!

The New And Improved: CARCHARODONNA.

Hope you like it! My back aches and I'm drunk from all the red wine I drank.
I learned a lot. I screwed up a lot, which taught me many things.

Mostly that drinking red wine while trying to figure out basic HTML is a no-win situation.

I posted a poem.
A couple of you may know that I used to like to write poems.
I used to write them constantly, actually. I always had a notebook (or two) with me that I would scribble in. It was actually pretty annoying for people around me.
I have over 500 poems in about 20 notebooks. And about 10 of them don't suck!

I won't bore you too much with them, I promise.
But I'm going to be posting some from the wayback days just to flex my muscles a bit.

You see, my life is lacking something.
I used to define myself by my writing and other artistic pursuits I was heavily engaged in.
That is what I DID, that was who I WAS.
I knew exactly where I was going in my personal pursuit of art.

I lost that some time ago and it has been bothering me.
A lot. Lately. I've been really bothered lately.

I used to think that there was something special about me.
Something that set me apart, something that I had of my own.
A gift, or an affinity (or an ego, HELLO?) something that made me think I wasn't just a complete hack with this writing stuff.

However deluded I may have been, I was much happier then.
I need a little bit of that happiness in my life lately.

I laid in bed all weekend (avec flu) wondering how I got to be this person that I am now.
Some of this 32 year old me is okay, but most of it is lazy, bitchy, and full of unrequited ambition.

So for what it is worth, I'm going to try to make an effort to remember just a bit of that wild, endlessly creative 20 year old I was.

What do you think of the new site?

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Anonymous said...

I like the new site - keep up with the HTML stuff. It's all greek to me. I'm lucky I've even heard of HTML, so you've got mad skills as far as I'm concerned. -CLP