Tuesday, January 08, 2008


While getting older isn't the worst thing that has ever happened to a person, I quite like the tiny wrinkles around my eyes when I smile, I am increasingly annoyed at my stomach's decision to form a second set of cleavage just under my boobs.

I am devastated at my body's inability to recover from drinking three or four too many. What used to take hours to get over now takes days. Days that I remember the next time. Who ever thought I'd be wary or cautious?

What is cool, at the moment, are the cracks that my body is doing. I'm sure they're a harbinger of some serious arthritis medication in my future, but for now I'll revel in them.

Elbow crack - so satisfying when I do the sweeping circular arm-movement to elicit them.
Ankle cracks - loud pops that feel so good.
Knee cracks, or wait, kind of more like grinding, which is really not an appealing sound.

Neck cracks that sound like they MEAN something.

I'm going to take this old thing one day at a time. And right now I'm just going to shut up and listen to the symphony.


Julie said...

Hey! - I'm 25 and I have the same noises and crackling! Probably just because I'm terribly unathletic, out of shape and don't drink enough water...

I crack my ankles when I'm on the table at the Chiropractor's office, and he says it's one of the body's ways of releasing tension. It feels good, so it must be good! Keep on crackin!

Jonathan said...

I have the same muffled drumkit going on - especially in one of my knees, that I badly injured a few years ago now.

Seriously - it sounds like old rope being pulled through a biscuit tin when I bend it with weight on it.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait, 45 on Sunday...