Wednesday, May 02, 2007

20 Things About Me

1. I can sneeze with my eyes open. Just because my brother once told me it couldn't be done.
2. I love sharks.
3. Passion Fruit flavored anything sends me into a frenzy of joy.
4. If I don't read from a novel at least once per day I get irritable.
5. I cry at FTD commercials. And sometimes tear up at poignant billboard signs.
6. I wish I were more like my friends.
7. I sometimes wonder why they are my friends.
8. I've considered paying them to stay my friends.
9. I rarely ask for help, but am learning to reach out. It feels good.
10. My dream job would be a musician - guitar and lead vocals.
11. I would be pretty wild as a rock-n-roll singer - and probably die from an overdose.
12. My cats are my kids. No, I mean really, they are my kids.
13. I would kill to protect those I loved.
14. I wish I had been born years earlier, as a man who would go to battle.
15. I really, really, really want dragons to have existed.
16. If I could die and come back as something, it would be a housecat or a great white shark.
17. I think I'm smarter than 95% of the people I meet on a daily basis.
18. I choose my friends because I think they're smarter than I am.
19. I'm always right when I choose my friends because of #18.
20. I can't stay on a diet to save my life.

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