Friday, November 09, 2007

Bourbon Is My Friend

I am deep into my second Manhattan of the night, Lawdy.

I emailed the Pope my task list for today (circa Noon) with everything that was expected to be accomplished by the end of the day. I believe he saw the lunacy in it immediately, as he OFFERED to stop by the liquor store and buy me my margarita supplies.

But alas, I am counting calories, so the margaritas are off the shelf for a bit.
Bourbon, however, I can explain and excuse away.

SK, my dear friend, told me last night that I'm worrying too much about my daily updates. She said it feels like I'm trying too hard. And I appreciate that.

So I'm going to regale you tonight with tales of the Pope and Salome Halloween Saga.
We love Halloween. I love Halloween more than life itself, it is my absolute favorite holiday, and I'm fortunate enough to have married a fellow actor who gets into it as much as I do. So I present to you, dear readers, our Halloween History.

The year was 2005. The Pope and I were dating, talking about marriage now seriously, after having broken up every three days for a year and a half. Did I mention we had a tempestuous relationship? We were invited to an awesome Halloween party and came up with a couple's costume. Please try and guess: (click on all pictures to see full size)

A) Halloween 2005

We had a great time at the party, and all was well. Until the next year, when the person who threw this great party had her second child and all parties were off. So we started our own. Halloween 2006 dawned with the Pope and I now tempestuously married and in our own home. We spared no expense on Halloween decorations (we now have two boxes worth) and predictably, our costumes were as elaborate. You must remember now, two Theatre majors loose in a Halloween store.....Please try and guess:
B) Halloween 2006

Halloween 2007 dawns with our second annual Halloween Party. Friends are now inviting friends, we buy even more alcohol and we have more people than we could imagine. Missing is Gaia, who is missed. Ohmygod, my friend Gaia is so missed. She moved last week. It is like a heart attack that won't stop. Anyway. 2007 dawns. I'm traveling most of October, I return from one of such business trips at 9:00pm the night before our 7:00pm party. Consequently, we throw the house decorations together and I'm rapidly pulling on my costume as our first guest arrives. Give it your best shot:
C: Halloween 2007

But the joy of this year's Halloween party was not in the costumes, nor the guests (ha ha) but in how much fun we had tricking out the house. THIS is why the Pope was busy spirit-gumming his face on as the doorbell rang:
The Guest Bathroom, Part I
(secrets? Lots of wadded towels + Karo syrup (thanks CLP as CARRIE!) and red food coloring)
The Guest Bathroom, Part II
(plastic rat & gummy eyeballs)

The Guest Bathroom, Part III, wherein we learn the message scrawled in lipstick on the mirror is being a little bitch and won't format correctly, so we are forced to carry on and go to:
Entrance: Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

Front Yard
(because again, Fuck Around? We do not.)

That's all you get for now.

Because Delivery Chinese Food has Arrived and I'm 2 Manhattans in.
Did I mention I need to work tomorrow?

Guess in the comments section. You need to guess A: B: and C:.

Most of you were either at the party or knew what I was going to be. You're ineligible. Do not guess and spoil it for the two or possibly three other people who have not yet had the experience that is Salome at Halloween.

See you guys tomorrow, I might have some good stories.
Actually, have you met me? I always have GREAT stories. It is whether I am able to share them with you or not, that is the question. We shall see. I wish you could all reside in my head, so that you know me completely.

But then again, isn't that what you're doing by reading my personal blog?
Worth thinking about.

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Salome said...

....And nice. No one guesses.
Here are the answers, you unguessing group:

A: Esmerelda & Quasimodo
B. Geisha Girl and Kabuki Warrior
C. Gargoyle and Medusa