Monday, November 05, 2007

Every Day? Oh the Horror.

I'm struggling on this a bit.
I've had a really busy day at work.
Budget season. Where you enter a number in a column, and then make sure that it matches everywhere it needs to match.

And sometimes you print before you do that final check and things don't match.
And then you're casually glancing through the printed pages to make sure your changes went through, and you catch some other mistake, or your accounting team has decided that NO, we're not putting parking charges in 4190, you silly goose, we've changed it to 4305 WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE or moving your narratives so they make sense!

PRINT AGAIN, lest ye have crappy budgets.

This is just input from the first review of them, so I'm only physically touching about 300 cells per budget. In the first draft preparation, I literally click on thousands of cells to fill in numbers.

Because I have ten budgets to prepare.

Now, I am all done but the printing.

I'm tired. Instead of being more interesting, I'm going to send you over to a cool site:

Log your personal libraries and tell me what what you liked! I love to read and find that I've found out more about my friends this way.

See you tomorrow, where I promise something interesting.

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Anonymous said...

oh so glad i'm not in yer shoes...skroll