Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ode to the Argh!

I thought I would write you a short list of things that pissed me off today:

  • Middle of the night, stray cat desperately trying to get out of the house. All cats have been placed under house arrest (see shutting the cat door permanently) in an effort to keep the stray cat's eye problem stable and healed before she goes outside again.
  • Woke up too early, then snoozed too late.
  • Hair sucks more today than usually.
  • Sweater I used to like I now hate. Tore it off of me as I was getting ready to walk out the door and went back for better shirt.
  • Coffee - milk was not hot enough. I was drinking cool latte by the time I got to work.
  • That #$!@%^! bridge was up again. Did I get on the freaking boat schedule or something?
  • People (hundreds of them) walking past my office and whistling. Guys, shut up!
  • Computer connection intermittently kicked me off today.
  • Everyone
  • Everything
  • Life
  • Itself
  • Nagging sore nose, bespeaks a cold? Or just winter chap? I don't know, but it should figure itself out quickly because I'm tired of wondering.
  • Drive home. Idiots flood the streets every time I try to get home.
  • Rain. Intermittent drizzle and pour. Seattle, you suck sometimes.
  • Daily posting. Sometimes I just don't FEEEEEEEL like it.
  • House is messy. Where are my goddamn elves?
  • House is always cold. We can't figure out how to set the digital thermometer right. It has almost been two years. Yeah, yay for us!
  • Nothing to eat, shouldn't have wine because I'm going to go work out. Blah Blah Blah.

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Anonymous said...

Now I know why you didn't call back...skroll