Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day Seven and I'm Already Limping

I was full of grandiose ideas about how much I would post, how it would be rejuvenating for me, kick me back into the mode of posting, yet here I am, Day 7 and I'm thumbing through books, staring blankly at the posting box and then quickly refreshing to see if he's updated it recently.

Have you ever had moments when you were full of the desire to do something, yet lacked all motivation to actually go do it?

I have cranberries, oranges and all the fixings of cranberry orange wheat bread in my cupboard, and the cranberries are mewling at me when I open the refrigerator door, reminding me silently with their little cranberry eyes that they will go bad soon and I should use them.

p.s. when do cranberries go bad? I've had them in the fridge for several days.

I also want to post something, but then I sit down and I'm all, duhhhhhhhhhhh.
You've seen the worst of me! I'm not actually that interesting!

And! Really! Rather! Bitchy!

What is the thing you most would like to do as you're reading this, but know you probably won't, due to a complete and utter lack of motivation?

Leave your comments!


Anonymous said...

You're silly.


Anonymous said...

that's an easy one...EXERCISE! LOSE 20 LBS! EAT RIGHT! NOT DRINK THE WHOLE BOTTLE! I've got more...skroll

Salome said...

By the way, I made the bread. Because I am THAT kind of badass.